WCC elections 2019

We tripled our votes !

This year's local elections saw the beginnings of a Green Wave in Winchester, as the Green Party, which for the first time had candidates in 12 out of the 16 wards, increased its overall number of votes to nearly 3000.

Across the 12 wards with a Green candidate, a total of 9.2% was achieved, equating to 7.3% overall in the district.

Winchester Greens’ star performer for 2019 was, Mik Norman, in Central Meon Valley. Mik, a former parish councillor, took 13.6% of the votes in his home ward, saying “What a strong local support! This is fantastic! It shows that people are worried about Green issues. Old mainstream politics has done too little to tackle pollution that makes people ill and effects our planet. They trust us to push for real change.”

Green Party Co-Chair Max Priesemann said “You helped us to make a difference with your vote and to set a sign! Now we will watch the new LibDem led council very carefully to make sure they act on Climate change and Air pollution!"


Here is a link to the councils results page: 



Here is a table to compare with last year's results: (Tick to enlarge)




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