WCC elections 2018

Local Elections in Winchester will be held on Thursday 3th May 2018

This year there will be one candidate up for election for most wards in the district.

The Green Party will be nominating candidates throught the City and most wards within WCC district.

Go to www.streetcheck.co.uk and enter your postcode and it will tell you which ward you live in if you are unsure.

Our candidates are awaiting confirmation and more details will be listed below soon after Easter.



Andrew WAINWRIGHT - St Pauls

Contact: andrew.wainwright@greenparty.org.uk

Andrew Wainwright has lived in Winchester for over 20 years. His two children were born and brought up in Winchester and are now both studying for their exams here. Andrew has worked for many years as an IT director and also sings in a number of Winchester based choirs in his spare time.

”My prime concerns for the City Council are to ensure that air pollution in Winchester is reduced, that better recycling facilities are provided and to promote renewable energy production in Hampshire.”

Andrew Wainwright of the Green Party has a vision for Winchester that is different from the other political parties. Having Greens on Winchester City Council will make a positive difference. It will make life better.

Feel free to contact him with your questions.





Max PRIESEMANN - Badger Farm & Oliver's Battery

Contact: PrieseGreen@gmx.co.uk

Max Priesemann has lived and worked in Winchester for the last 5 years. Oliver's Battery is a wonderful place to live - close to the countryside but still part of the city. He is fortunate to live within this fantastic community that values the park and playground, post office, shops and a wonderful cafe - the Thrive.

Badger Farm is a friendly community, now even with cattles grazing on the doorstep. It is better connected with buses, at least during daytime hours. Other areas like parts of Oliver's Battery, Hursley, and beyond are poorly connected with bus services which leaves many residents dependent on cars and neighbours driving them.

He will improve uneven and narrow pavements, make sure that overgrown paths are cleared, the dangerous Oliver's Battery/ Badgers Farm Rd junction revised and bus services extended.

Feel free to contact him with your questions.


Contact: rxeparker@yahoo.co.uk


Robert PARKER - St Barnabas

Contact: rxeparker@yahoo.co.uk


David John WALKER-NIX - St Bartholomew

Contact: rxeparker@yahoo.co.uk


Jonathan Peter Hoare LAWRENCE - St Michael

Contact: rxeparker@yahoo.co.uk


Anne COLEMAN - Whiteley & Shedfield

Contac: rxeparker@yahoo.co.uk


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