Winchester City Council Election 2021 - St. Lukes




Oliver Bell


I’m a University of Winchester student currently studying Archaeology BSc. Politics is a passion of mine, and one that was birthed during my time living in Egypt during their 2012-2013 revolution when I realised if you wanted to make a difference, it was up to ordinary people to become more aware of local, national, and international issues and then take positive action accordingly, rather than simply complain about said issues. Hence why I am choosing to stand in this election!

My values very much align with the Green Party of England and Wales; hence I chose to make them my political home. I am incredibly concerned about the lack of global action in fighting the climate emergency, and also consider social justice and equality to be a top priority as well – both issues never really get enough serious action on, but rather simply policies that sound great for the media.

In particular, though, I am anxious to put across the message that pro-climate policies have huge amounts of benefits in other areas that will affect the everyday people and local businesses and workers positively! Too many people see fighting the Climate Emergency as either a hassle with nothing to be gained, or a pointless venture. However, I firmly believe that with the right policies, cross-party unity, and popular support - we can grasp this threat by the horns and not only defeat it, but come out of it with a more prosperous and lovely Winchester and world!

Ensuring Winchester stands ready to tackle the task of the climate emergency, exiting the pandemic, and its high cost of living, as well as all the facets of life these affect, are what I personally will be fighting for, if elected as your City Councillor for St. Luke!