Best ever result for the Greens in Meon Valley

15 December 2019

Thank you Malcolm for all your hard work campaigning up and down Meon Valley.

Thank you to all of you who supported his campaign and to all those who voted Green yesterday.

The result wasn't as good as we had hoped, but both locally and nationally the Greens increased the vote share by more than 60%. In fact, in the Meon Valley we got our highest ever number of votes and increased from 2.4 to 4 %.

Most importantly the Greens have pushed the Climate Emergency up the political agenda, which is a great achievement.

The overall result of the elections is disappointing. Just imagine how different it would have been if we had a kind of proportional election system:











It would have enabled a more progressive alliance that would have given real support to our NHS, real action to limit climate change and a fairer society. Looking at the combined vote share of Conservatives, Brexit Party and DUP and counting this as pro Brexit, there is no majority for Brexit:


Unfortunately, as we have missed the 5% line, we will not get the £500 of fees back that we had to spend for Malcolm to be registered as our candidate. This creates a big hole in our budget. Therefore, we are asking if you could help us to fill this gap so that we can start planning for the local elections in May. Here is the link to our Crowdfunder page or donate here.

We don’t like you to get in any difficulties by overspending your budget. Perhaps you can instead join us at our upcoming monthly meetings or pledge help with leafletting, social media etc. (or create more fundraising campaigns)? 

Our next meeting is on Wed 8/1/20 at Winchester UNI (Winton Building). Please find more info here.

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