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6 December 2019

Well done Malcolm. He has been leafletting up and down Meon Valley constituency over recent weeks. He was welcomed by many he met on the doorstep, in shops, on markets or Christmas gatherings. There is great enthusiasm to sort out the climate and biodiversity crisis.




It of course comes at a cost and our resources have mostly been used. Please donate here or visit our Crowdfunding page. Every pound helps!






He met Caroline Lucas in Brighton our only Green MP in the country so far. She inspired so many of us and is well respected across the whole party spectrum. But she desperately needs more friends in the House of Commons.





Have you noticed how many parties try to copy Green Party policies (except for the Conservatives and Brexit Party of course)? Thanks to Extinction Rebellion, the most important issue our times – Climate Emergency – is much more recognised in the public and media now. The increasing recognition of environmental issues in a range of party manifestos is a reflection of their concerns to get their vote share squeezed by the Green Party.

The green surge increased our profile and made it possible that other parties in the Unite to Remain Alliance agreed to step aside for us in a list of constituencies increasing our chances to get another Green MP.

Therefore, every vote for the Green Party counts to increase this pressure, wherever you can vote for the Green Party.

Support Malcolm and follow him on Facebook or Twitter and don’t forget to support him via Crowdfunding!

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