M3 Motorway – Call for action : Write to your WCC Councillor

26 September 2019

As you are no doubt aware Highways England (HE) has proposed changes to Junction 9 on the M3 (the A34 junction).  Encouraging increased traffic capacity at a time when we should be looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is nonsensical.  Not only will this scheme deepen the environmental crisis, but the detailed Highways England reports state there will be significant, long-term impacts to Winchester:

  • Increased traffic through Winchester for 2-3 years during construction
  • Increased noise pollution both during construction and following completion of the project
  • Long-term worsening of local air quality (in particular nitrogen oxides emissions) from increased traffic
  • Plus a significant long-term increase in greenhouse gas emissions

Winchester City Council have replied to Highways England requesting further information but have fallen short of objecting to the scheme. If they are serious about the recent climate emergency declaration, they must have the courage to view every decision they make through this lens. This makes objecting to the scheme the only possible course of action.

Please write to your local councillors asking them to object to the scheme, reminding them that they and Hampshire County Council and the UK government have declared a climate emergency.

A personal letter makes a better impression but please feel free to use this template letter:

Dear Cllr 
I am writing to ask you to object to the Highways England planned changes to M3 Junction 9.
The Council’s recent declaration of a climate emergency is recognition of the problems facing the world and I applaud your commitment to a carbon neutral district by 2030. 
This scheme will result in higher carbon emissions due to more traffic and loss of some of the South Downs National Park, both are incompatible with your declaration.
It will also increase NOx and noise pollution causing respiratory illnesses and early deaths.
The cost is £135m and would be better spent on sustainable transport options which reduce the traffic on the motorway and the need to expand it.
Please object to the scheme.


If you are not sure who your councillors are have a look here .

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