Acting Secretary's report to 2015 AGM

6 August 2015

The past twelve months have seen the complete transformation of Winchester Green Party from a few people meeting in a pub to an active and enthusiastic group with a regular attendance at meetings of between 15 and 25. This has been due to the “Green Surge” of last Autumn and Winter. As the only group in the central/ northern part of Hampshire , details of all new members, supporters and volunteers were sent to us. Soon the numbers were so great that separate groups in Andover, Alton and Petersfield were established. There are still boundary issues to be resolved, but our patch now covers only the whole of Winchester City Council district.

In the General and Local elections of May 2015 we were able for the first time to put up not only a Parliamentary candidate but also six ward candidates. It was a huge effort, and we were well pleased with the result. We came close to not losing the parliamentary deposit, and in the 5 first-time wards we achieved 8% - 12% of the vote, in our target ward, where this was our third time, over 17%. Although we were stretched to the limit both financially and in person-power, we felt encouraged by these results.

The time has now come to set ourselves up properly, updating our constitution and electing officers and a committee to steer us through the next phase of our growth. This will include paying more attention to raising our profile particularly in the outlying villages, organising for next year's local elections bearing in mind the consequences of boundary changes, and maintaining our campaigning.

We look forward to the challenges of the coming year.

Evelyn Parker August 2015

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