Michael Wilks confirmed as Green Party Candidate for Winchester and Chandlers Ford

19 February 2015

Michael Wilks confirmed as Green Party Candidate for Winchester and Chandlers Ford

The Green Party is pleased to announce that they will be standing Dr Michael Wilks as the candidate for the Winchester & Chandler's Ford constituency in this year’s general election.

Dr Michael Wilks

About Dr Michael Wilks

As a doctor, Michael worked as a GP in London, and is now a forensic physician with a local police force.

He has a deep interest in the risks to health from climate change.  He has contributed to papers, reports and lobbying efforts to show that we can reduce these risks whilst maintaining a viable economy. He believes there are many ways to achieve both improvements to health, and benefits to the economy, such as switching to renewable energies, changing our transport policy, creating safe bicycle lanes and developing a health service that really is a National Health Service.

“The country is seeing a wholesale contracting-out of public services to private companies.  A lot of our taxation goes straight into private shareholders’ pockets.  Teachers struggle to respond to the latest bright idea from government, and private companies running transport and utility services put profit ahead of customers. Look at the deterioration of local bus services here in Winchester.”

“I believe that there has been a fundamental change in voters’ perception.  The ‘big’ political parties look smaller, and disconnected with voters.  Look at our city council’s arrogant and illegal behaviour over Silver Hill.  For them, normal processes are a nuisance to be ignored when it suits them. Nationally, the failures of unregulated capitalism are made visible by the behaviour of the banks.”

“The rise in support for the Green Party may reflect disillusionment with the political status quo, but it also contains a belief that voting in an election will feel a lot more worthwhile if the party you vote for actually does what it promises.”

Michael has three children and two grandchildren.  He has lived in the constituency for eight years.  He enjoys Beethoven, Mozart, Dire Straits and the Manic Street Preachers.   He likes walking his niece’s family dog and has taken on the responsibility for his spiritual welfare.  Walks, and a regular supply of bones seems to supply that need.