19 February 2015

Dan Hill

The Green Party is pleased to announce that they will be standing Dan Hill as the candidate for the North West Hampshire constituency in this year’s general election.

He says: "I think the time has come for the people of North West Hampshire to be represented in parliament by someone standing up for their own community. This has been my home for 30 years; I have been raised, educated and employed in this constituency. I’m delighted to have been selected as the Green Party candidate to offer voters the chance to make that happen. "

"The railway should be renationalised. To every passenger boarding at Grateley, Andover, Whitchurch or Overton it isn’t a competitive market; it’s a monopoly. "

"Banking has an important part to play in our future. However, the industry has been left to grow too powerful; placing itself as owner rather than component of the economy. The Green Party would return it to the role you'd expect of it: facilitating trade and investment. The taxpayer has no business underwriting the wildly speculative side of banking any more than it does a bookies.  "

"Our welfare system needs a rethink. It brings about deplorable consequences for the vulnerable on one side and undesirable choices on the other. I want to see that changed so no-one is ever better off on benefits, it always pays to work and that everyone can make their contribution to society so that the stigma of receiving from the state can disappear. "

"In 2010, The British Public was told that five years of tightening the country’s purse strings would clear the deficit. It hasn’t even halved. The easier cuts have been made. Much harder cuts will follow if we allow it. There is an alternative and the Green Party can deliver it. We want to bring about a sustainable economic system so our public services are always dependable."

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