Winchester City Council Election 2021 - St. Barnabas




Lucinda was a teacher of art for many years.  She now spends her free time working with clay, modelling figures for family members and friends.  One such recent creation is a bust of Greta Thunberg, whom she admires for her astonishing bravery in speaking truth to power, a great source of hope to all like Lucinda who have long felt despair at the failure of governments to confront the looming Climate Crisis.  Locally her concerns are for traffic-related air pollution, unsafe roads and the lack of safe provision for cyclists.

Lucinda is registered disabled and feels immensely grateful for the help she has had from the NHS, agencies such as the CAB and many friends, especially during the difficulties of the last year.  She sees this kind of fair and caring community as just an important part of the Green vision of the future as its commitment to the protection of Nature and the planet.