Supporting renewable energy schemes in Winchester District

There has been a considerable backlash against renewable energy schemes, particularly in relation to windfarm applications.  This backlash has been encouraged by central government – when David Cameron came to office he promised the ‘Greenest Government Ever’ and went out of his way to be photographed with husky dogs in Lapland as part of his assertion that climate mattered.  Now he calls it ‘green crap’ and until very recently had a climate change denier, Owen Patterson, as Secretary of State for the Environment.  Whatever one’s view about the landscape impact of wind turbines, the climate imperative demands that we take major steps towards reducing fossil fuel use – those who think we should not use wind on a significant scale should say what they would do instead.  Winchester Green Party has stated its support for the wind-farm proposals in Hampshire, though it qualifies that support by saying that the communities that are affected by them must be given a share of the benefits.

We have been actively facilitating take-up of domestic solar panels by arranging discounting deals with installers  for groups of households.  For more information contact Rob Parker at

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