Safe Pedestrian Crossing Romsey Road

We have collected 450+ signatures via the online petition that was started by one of our members and have collected a further 475 signatures.
Many thanks to all who signed the petition!
We have sent a letter to HCC Councillor Rob Humby (Executive Member for Environment & Transport). The petition was put on the HCC website.
Here are some extracts from the letter:
"...for many years there has been concern about the danger and inconvenience to pedestrians in crossing the Romsey Road at its Junction with Clifton Terrace and St James’ Terrace in Winchester."
"...problem is rapidly worsening, as the pedestrian flow across this junction is increasing.  With the construction of a new student hall of residence at the railway station there will clearly be a further significant rise in the flow."
"...The exercise of collecting the signatures was informative in showing the degree of frustration and intimidation that pedestrians (and some cyclists) suffer at this junction.  Additionally several examples of outrageously fast driving were observed as well as pavement mounting (corner Clifton Terrace/Romsey Road) and close encounters of vehicles (particularly wing mirrors) with pedestrians standing at the edge of the road.  The 20mph limit sign just at the point where these luckless pedestrians are put at risk seems to serve no useful purpose.
Firstly we believe that a pedestrian crossing similar to the crossing on Stockbridge Road (near Bereweeke Road) needs to be built.
Secondly the 20mph zone is simply not enforced, nor can we discern any real sign that it is self-enforcing.  Indeed even city buses are clearly well in excess of 20mph (or even 30mph) and present a very significant level of intimidation.  
Thirdly the boundary between the zones is currently set at exactly this point of maximum conflict.  Westward traffic is clearly accelerating at just this point and eastward traffic is typically in a last-minute deceleration.  It would be far better to have the 20mph zone extended  beyond Clifton Hill and West End Terrace, which would present no difficulty of demarcation since all the roads around Oram’s Arbour and Crowder Terrace nearly form  naturally closed minizones (two signs would need to move and one extra sign would be needed near the junction with Cheriton Road/Greenhill).
A frequent comment we heard from people stopping to sign was to the effect ‘Why have they not done something before?  Are they waiting until someone is killed here?’   It is indeed difficult to answer this question without cynicism and we put it to you.  Does it require actual deaths at this manifestly dangerous junction before the County Council will act to protect pedestrians?"

Our first success of our campaign for a safe pedestrian crossing on Romsey Road!

We received a letter from Cllr Rob Humby that suggests that Hampshire County Council is considering a pedestrian crossing. Here is an extract from his letter:
“…confirm that design work to construct such a crossing started a while ago, and drawings are currently being prepared with a view to holding a public consultation on the proposed crossing in the spring of 2018.
As part of the design process, careful consideration is having to be given to where displaced traffic (caused by the necessary banning of some traffic movements into and out of Clifton Terrace) will relocate to, to ensure we do not cause undue problems on the very narrow local roads. The adjustment of the 20mph limit will also be considered.
I trust this is positive news, and would welcome your formal comments when the public consultation event is held, which will be advertised in due course.”


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