Reducing road traffic in Winchester

Road traffic in Winchester is the cause of its air pollution problem.  But it is also environmentally undesirable for other reasons.  Towns should be places for people rather than cars; car traffic is noisy, intimidating and dangerous and encourages unhealthy habits of living, positively deterring the healthy alternatives of cycling and walking.  Car traffic uses valuable space that could be occupied more comfortably by more people.  In Winchester it represents an inefficient access – the road network is now close to gridlock for large parts of the day and even if there were more car parks centrally, they could not be accessed.  Public transport (either from peripheral car parks or, more effectively, from the main areas of housing in south Hampshire without use of cars at all) has the ability to deliver far more people into the centre of Winchester.  There the shoppers and visitors would have a much more pleasant environment in which to shop or take part in leisure activities.  It is likely that a town centre unburdened by traffic would be much more attractive and more economically successful.  We continue to promote this idea, though the City Council seems unable to grasp it.

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