General Election 2017





We are very pleased to announce, that following nominations, a mini hustings and a secret ballot, that Andrew Wainwright has been selected by the local party to be our Parliamentary candidate for the Winchester constituency in the General Election on 8th June.







Can you spend time and/or donate money for our campaing?

Funds Needed
We need funds for our campaign in the 2017 snap election. Our Crowdfunder campaign runs until this Friday, so if you haven't already and are able to donate, please click the link and donate whatever you can.
Unlike the other political parties, the Green Party is not supported by millionaire donors, indeed the party has refused many donations which appear to have strings attached. We rely completely on membership fees, donations and local fund raising.  If each member/supporter can donate £10 (or more), that will help us to pay the electoral deposit, and a little towards publishing our campaign material and posters. Please give generously and very many thanks.

We assume that all our members and supporters would be willing to put up a poster or a sign on a post if you have a suitable window/garden spot. If you have friends and family who would be willing to display a poster/sign too, we would be very happy to provide the material and we will get these to you as soon as possible. Please contact Rob Parker and let him know your name, address and how many / what size posters you would like (A3, A4, sign post in the garden) and we can get these to you. 

As the campaign is Parliamentary district-wide, we may have material available for you to drop leaflets into you own neighbourhood. We also have a specific leaflet area we would like confirmed delivery to, if you can help. If you would like some leaflets to deliver either near you or, in our target area, please get in touch and we can arrange to get you the supplies. Contact Rob Parker or Jo Holland and let us know how many or the area you can cover and we will get you supplies as soon as they are available. 

If you think you might like to help with knocking on voter's doors, wearing a rosette and asking them about their vote intentions with Andrew, please email Michael. He can keep you in touch with dates, times and locations when there is a session (most days) so you will have someone to go with (and there's no obligation by getting in touch). Or, if you prefer to go in your own time, he can give you a clipboard, map, canvass sheets and supplies for you to manage yourself. 

Election Day 8th June - Tellers and Count Checkers
On Election Day, we need people to be Tellers at the poll stations. This is the name given to the people who sit outside the poll stations and ask for voters' poll card number and fly the flag for the Greens. It is really easy and you'll find the other party representatives friendly and all help each other out and chat. If you think you can sit for an hour anywhere between 7am and 10pm, or have a location preference, please let us know. 

We will also need Count Checkers at the Count. From 10pm, all the ballot boxes are verified at the Count venue (likely Winchester Guildhall) and they are verified by the election staff. Political parties are permitted for representatives to watch and make a tally as each box is emptied from each location. This is a very valuable data collection activity and gives us a unique opportunity to see how our vote varies across the polling district. This is at the beginning of the count and then you are able to stay until the results are announced (which is quite exciting!). Let us know if you would like to attend the count.

Thank you for all your support and we welcome your help/donations/spread the word however you are best able.


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